Frequently asked questions


What is CleverGift?

CleverGift is an exciting new way of buying gifts for your family and friends. Choose the product to gift, pay for it, then let your gift recipient select the size & colour and enter the shipping address. Standard shipping is included when you purchase the gift.

How is the CleverGift sent?

You can choose how the CleverGift is delivered to your Gift recipient (electronically) by selecting between email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. You may also choose to schedule a delivery time up to 6 weeks in advance using the email or SMS options - we will deliver your CleverGift electronically on your chosen date.

What details do I need to provide?

Select the product you would like to gift, provide your payment details and send the CleverGift link to your Gift Recipient by the Gift Recipient’s email or choose to deliver the CleverGift link by SMS and provide the Gift Recipient’s mobile number. CleverGift supports SMS delivery internationally.

What are the benefits of CleverGift eGift?

Simple and fast personal gifts without needing to know size, style, colour or shipping address. It’s perfect for last minute gifting, gifts sent using CleverGift eGift are delivered instantly by email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any messaging app. Just like a gift receipt, the price is not shown.

Can the recipient exchange a CleverGift from the Retailer?

Yes, a Gift Recipient can choose new options like size or colour or exchanging the gift for a voucher, of the same value as your gift purchase which can be used to purchase other items.

What happens if the item goes on sale or changes value?

If the gift you purchased goes on sale or is discounted before the Gift Recipient arranges shipment, the Gift Recipient will get a voucher for the difference as well as the gift. If the gift was on sale or discounted when you purchased it, but before the Gift Recipient arranges shipment it can be returned for full price. The Gift Recipient will get a voucher instead to the full value of the CleverGift you purchased, including delivery fees. We always advise Gift Recipients to arrange shipment promptly to avoid potential price increase scenarios.

What happens if the CleverGift product becomes unavailable?

If the CleverGift product sells out or is otherwise unavailable before the Gift Recipient opens the gift, they will receive a voucher to the full value of the gift you purchased, including delivery fees.

If I schedule email delivery of the CleverGift, do I get confirmation they received it?

Yes, if you schedule delivery of your CleverGift, we will send you an email on the scheduled date when the CleverGift has been delivered.

How does the gift ship without a shipping address?

When you send a CleverGift, the Gift Recipient opens the CleverGift online, selects the gift size or colour and completes a preferred shipping address.

What is the shipping cost?

Generally, all CleverGift orders are priced at the standard rates charged by the retailer.

My Gift Recipient didn’t receive the gift notification?

If the Gift Recipient did not receive a notification, please share with them the short link to the gift from your confirmation email. If there still is a problem please contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

Can I cancel my CleverGift Order after it has been sent?

Unfortunately, all CleverGift orders where the product has been shipped or exchanged cannot be cancelled.


Receiving a gift with CleverGift?


How do I view my CleverGift?

To view your CleverGift you open the link that was shared with you by the Gift Giver. You can select to arrange shipping or to exchange it for a voucher. Fill in your preferred shipping address and the gift will be shipped to you in accordance with the Retailer’s standard shipping terms.

Is the gift held for me until I arrange shipping?

The gift is not reserved for you so we encourage you to arrange shipment promptly, as availability and price are subject to change. If the CleverGift sells out or is otherwise unavailable before you open the gift, you will receive a voucher for the full value of the initial gift.

Can I exchange my CleverGift?

Yes. If for some reason the CleverGift is not what you want, you can exchange it for a voucher to the full value of the CleverGift purchased. The Gift Giver will not be notified. Simply click ‘Exchange’, enter your details and you will receive a voucher.

What if I want something more expensive than the CleverGift I received?

If you have your eye set on something else on the retailer’s website, it’s easy to exchange the CleverGift you received for a voucher. Click ‘Exchange for a Voucher’, enter your details and you will receive a voucher instead.

The CleverGift purchased for me isn’t available anymore. What do I do?

If the CleverGift sells out or is otherwise unavailable before you open it, you will get a voucher that you can use to purchase other items.

Can I have my gift shipped to any address?

Standard shipment is paid for at time of the gift purchase so that you can arrange shipment of the gift to your preferred address.

I have lost/deleted my CleverGift email or message. Can it be sent to me again?

If you cannot find your CleverGift notification, please contact us at and have your email address and details on hand.

Does the Gift Giver know if I exchange my CleverGift?

No. If you click exchange for a voucher the Gift Giver will not be notified.

Does the voucher expire?

Depending on the voucher type certain expiry dates and other restrictions may apply. Please check with the voucher issuer for more details.

What if I can’t find my size or Colour?

If the gift you received is not available in your size or colour, please accept our apologies and use the “Exchange for a Voucher” option. We will then issue a voucher, for the value of the gift, that you can spend to purchase other items.